Biome uses only herbal dyed fabrics for its collection.


Herbal dyeing is an innovated form of natural dyes, where the recipes and source of dye is the same as old ones but the application and combination of dye powders has been innovated to suit the machines and economic viability. 

The fibres and fabric are chosen from a range of organic cotton, linen, yarn dyed to handwoven to sustainable new fabrics like bamboo, modal etc. The silhouettes are simple yet stylish. Genre is both leisurewear and workwear. The colors are earthy, soothing and healthy for the skin as the raw materials for the dyes are medicinal plants and non-toxic minerals. All the processes of making the fabric ready are eco- friendly and biodegradable. Hence the product is truly a bio-compost when it reached the end of its lifecycle!


Why herbal dyeing?

2000 litres being polluted by a mere 2m fabric in its lifetime is not a rambling statistic! It is fresh water we are talking about. 0.2percent of water on this planet that is fit for human consumption. And to poison it mindlessly for clothes and fashion, is being careless. If natural dyeing is practised purely, it does not pollute water at all and what more, you can actually recycle 70% of the water. 


As the founder of Biome, Namrata Manot says that she used to think she chose this path but the truth is, it chose her! When she started, no one thought this could be sustainable as a business model which actually gave her the freedom to experiment and explore. 


Biome’s growth curve has been very collaborative. They have worked across disciplines with artists, graphic designers, writers, photographers, yoga practitioners, alternative educators , organic farmers and theater artists. Hence they have actually expanded horizontally and not vertically and Biome's growth has been truly inclusive! 

Today, Biome makes natural-dyed fabrics and customized garments. It identifies with the movement of integrating with nature. As part of that process, Biome also sells natural dyes and Namrata travels with natural dyeing workshops throughout the country.

She believes that work should not be for one person's fancy but instead should be collaborative and transcend differences. “In the end, work should unite, not divide”. Revolution starts with an individual but it must expand to the community as we are parts of one big whole. Nature is the intelligent system that has prevailed ever since life started, we can only grow and survive in harmony with it.


'At Biome, we create a limited edition for each design because we believe in minimalism and mostly our work centres around customising for clients. It bridges the gap between lack of choice and problem of excess stock.We are happy to make clothes for anyone who desires to wear a natural piece of clothing and is ready to take care of it.'


'What drapes our body must not leave the soul naked’ 

                        Namrata, Founder, Biome Conscious Fashion 



I stand in strength for protecting the cultural diversity and wisdom of our past. The knowledge of natural dyes if not used will be lost before we know it. By using these dyes in fashion clothing, we hope that there will be a demand that will drive the supply and need to protect and use the know-how of natural dyes. Biome Project, an extension of Biome Conscious Fashion would like to document the natural dyes processes that are still being practised in different parts of the world. Also making sure that we audit and find out the purity of the process and then document it.


                            Namrata Manot, Biome Conscious Fashion