The CULTURAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS INITIATIVE  is designed to be a worldwide movement supporting the recognition of cultural IP rights© for craftsmen and women who are the custodians and transmitters of traditional garments, traditional designs and traditional manufacturing techniques.

This initiative was born from the need to eliminate culturally appropriative behavior in the fashion industry and aims to act as mediator between the interests of fashion businesses and those of artisans and traditional creative communities. 

The Cultural IP Rights Initiative supports cultural sustainability and fashion as a form of education and promotion of cultural heritage and traditional cultural expressions.



Launch of the Cultural IP Initiative on World Intellectual Property Day, Berlin, Germany

Talk by Monica Moisin on Luxury Craftsmanship and Cultural IP Rights, at Ethical Fashion Show, Berlin, Germany, with ABURY

The @culturalintellectualproperty Rights Initiative joins the #wearsustain network

Monica presents the Cultural IP Rights Initiative as cultural entrepreneurship study case at the Swiss Cultural Exchange in Basel 

Cultural Sustainability in India - lecture and workshop co-hosted by CIPRI and SUSS at the British Council in New Delhi, India

Monica Moisin joins The Craft Catapult by Start-up Oasis as Mentor for the 2019/2020 cohort. The Craft Catapult is India's first craft start-ups accelerator working on technology facilitated disruptive solutions in the craft value-chain, to catapult India’s craft eco-system

One six delegate speakers, Monica addresses the One Young World 2019 delegates in London, UK, in the Poverty Alleviation Plenary Session on the role of Cultural IP Rights and advocacy for equal partnership with artisan communities and indigenous creators in reducing poverty globally. She is introduced on stage by Ms. Lamiya Morshed, Executive Director of the Yunus Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Signing Day in Bagru, India, for the Mahila Print #RoyaltiesforArtisans Contracts. A big step for the craft community in India.

Launch of the Cultural Sustainability Report "Profiles of Textile Artisans in Kutch, Gujarat, India"

Raphael Schreiber officially joins the CIPRI Permanent Team as Sustainability Consultant following our 2020 Fieldwork in India. 

Official launch of the four CIPRI Action Pillars - Legal consulting, holistic Sustainability Consulting with focus on Cultural Sustainability, Advocacy and Fieldwork Research. 

Monica gives a talk on "Cultural IP Rights and the Sustainability Development Goals" at CIIE.CO, Indian Institute for Management, Ahmedabad part of the Craft Catapult craft acceleration Program. 

“Cultural sustainability means successful transmission of traditional knowledge to future generations. Fashion is an extraordinary medium for achieving this goal.” 

—  Monica Moisin, Cultural IP & Fashion Lawyer

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