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Native Krea is an ART COMMUNITY in pursuit of reviving, nurturing and preserving the rich art forms of Ancient India. They envision themselves as a one-stop place which conglomerates the extensive diversity of Indian Art forms. Their mission is to integrate the large pool of native artists, indigenous artisans and build a strong Art Community.


Native Krea with its finest craftsmanship and creative minds aims to reflect, envision and deliver niche and customised art products and manufacturing services, for all types of businesses from new ventures to established firms and organisations.

The youthful and dynamic Native Krea team conducts extensive research in identifying mediums, technology, market opportunities and eco-friendly colors to give lost art forms contemporary relevance for international market success. The artists concentrate solely on their strength and passion such as wall art, digital art, canvas art, paper art, textile art, wood carvings, natural art, stone art, puppetry art, statues, sculptures etc. that capture and embody meaningful concepts such as ancient literature.

Native Krea is in alliance with legendary native artists of India collaborating on co-branding, ethical labeling, international market exposure, upskilling and guiding individual and independent Artpreneurs in the directions of success. They believe every artist deserves acknowledgment for their talent, passion and knowledge in the form of public recognition and economic benefits.

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Together with the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative®, Native Krea wants to project the voice of artists, their creations and their culture to the world. CIPRI connects Native Krea with their international network and community of like minded members who prioritize cultural sustainability in their projects. Native Krea’s principles are in alignment with the practice of CIPRI’s 3C’s Rule: Consent. Credit. Compensation© to achieve cultural sustainability.

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