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ABURY is pioneering the fashion industry by combining traditional, old world crafts with avant-garde designs creating a new luxury style that fosters inter-cultural exchange while preserving world crafts. It does this by bringing together designers with traditional artisans from remote and inspiring cultures through the ABURY Design Experience.

The ABURY Design Experience is the first international contest in search of emerging designers to create an accessory capsule collection using traditional crafts knowledge from different cultures. The ABURY Design Experience is aiming to have a positive and sustainable impact on the local communities and the fashion industry throughout.


ABURY guarantees the communities from the beginning that the products which are created in the community will always give credit to them and will be produced with them. The intellectual property of traditional designs used by ABURY stays with the community. IP rights of new designs, developed by ABURY, produced by the community, stay with ABURY.


ABURY is sharing the stories behind the products and the people who made them through their blog.





TO ENDORSE THE CULTURAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS INITIATIVE AND ON APRIL 26th 2018 hosted the launch of our platform at their SHowroom in BErlin 

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