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Akaaro is the continuously growing and evolving voice of contemporary Indian fashion. It interprets Indian textiles in a fresh, new contemporary manner by drawing inspiration, not from tradition, but from harmony and balance; handcrafting each garment from yarn to a finished piece of clothing. 


Akaaro, meaning the letter 'A' of the Sanskrit alphabet, focuses on textile as the starting point of the design process. The brand experiments with hand woven textiles to create an expression of relevance in an ecosystem that is vast, varied, and global yet individualistic.

Founded by Gaurav Jai Gupta in the year 2010, Akaaro innovates by designing and developing original fabrics from yarn stage, in-house at the studio-workshop in New Delhi and engineers garments that are one-of-a-kind timeless classics.


A celebration of simplicity that comes from the richness of life is Akaaro.

With an element of progression and experimentation the work of Akaaro is a new kind of juxtaposition of materials and techniques developing path breaking body of work within the context of contemporary Indian textiles and fashion. 

Being a conceptual brand, born from balance, rooted yet ever-changing, Akaaro fits into every wardrobe to explore and express the inner depths, personal story and life journey of its wearer. 

relationship with the craft and artisan.

India is one of the few countries globally with living crafts and craftspeople. According to Jai Gupta, this puts Indian design in a very unique position where both the crafts and artisan become very important from a heritage and skill point of view. But at the same time there is a great need to recontextualise craft production to keep it relevant to the current times; for this, the basic requirements are upgrading of vocabulary and design intervention.


Craft CouturE.

According to Jai Gupta, design intervention and experimentation become integral to the growth of the crafts as this is the only way through which to nurture and sustain the interest of the younger generation in centuries old crafts.


At Akaaro crafts become aspirational and relevant for everyone. Attaining cultural sustainability through craft couture. 

Gaurav Jai Gupta
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