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the CIPRI® WORKSHOPS 2022-2023

These informative, 90 minutes-long Workshops cover a diverse range of topics such as Law, Design, Craft and Innovation that support you to protect Traditional Cultural Expressions, Biocultural Diversity and Cultural Sustainability.


Here you will be able to expand your knowledge with practical, adaptable and digestible information that will inspire you to implement the change you want to see in the world.


Leave with acknowledgement of your commitment and the motivation to make a difference!

More info on how to book your seat below!


Seats for the Workshops are limited.

You can book your seat and pay online via the Book Now option, or write us an e-mail and we will send you the payment details for a direct wire transfer which would reduce 3rd party transaction fees. 

Your seat is secured once the payment has been made and you have received a confirmation e-mail directly from us. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions applicable to our Workshops before finalising your booking.

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