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The Campaign


Focused on the 3Cs' Rule and the relevant terminology associated with the creative work of Indigenous and local communities, the Informative Campaign 'The 3Cs - Get Weaving!' shares interactive resources and information to guide best practices for ethical engagement in co-design and collaborations with Indigenous people and local communities.


We aim to shift mindsets and enable our audience to become informed participants in present and future discussions about drawing inspiration from cultural heritage and engaging in culturally sustainable collaborations with craft communities.

The Campaign is initiated, edited and designed by: Nicole Crouch (The Moral Motif), Mónica Parra (Madejandola), Shravani Deshmukh (Create & Protect IP Partners) and Monica Moisin, for the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative®. It is currently available in 7 Languages: English, Spanish, Romanian, Hindi, Marathi, Tseltal and Tsotsil.

The 3Cs' Rule

THE 3Cs' Rule: 

Consent. Credit. Compensation©

3Cs Logo Copyright CIPRI.png

The 3Cs stand for: Consent (Free, Prior and Informed Consent of the craftsperson, indigenous or local community), Credit (acknowledgement of the source community and inspiration) and Compensation (monetary or non-monetary). 

Inspired by The Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization, the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative® has developed the 3Cs' Rule to guide best practices for the use and distribution of TK and TCEs in the context of the fashion and textile industry and not only. 

At the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative® we specialise in legal consulting and cultural sustainability strategy development with a focus on collaborations with craft communities and Indigenous people.

Reach out to us for support in implementing The 3Cs' Rule: Consent. Credit. Compensation© for sustainable, fair and equitable collaboration frameworks.



Helena Rojas.jpg

Helena Rojas from Mexico.


Helena is passionate about traditional Indigenous textiles and has been working both as a volunteer and as part of the team with some projects and not-for-profit organisations that work directly with Peoples of different villages from Chiapas; exploring, documenting and co-working on various creative areas. Currently Helena collaborates with the Chiapas Photography Project (CPP) as coordinator. Founded in 1992, CPP provides Indigenous women, men and children of different ethnicities the opportunity for cultural and artistic self-expression through photography. Simultaneously, Helena also works as a production management consultant on different projects and she is the local coordinator of the growing “Chiapas Maya Collection Project”.

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Join us on our mission of Crafting Change in the Fashion Industry!

Write us an e-mail at and tell us how you would like to get involved in The 3Cs - Get Weaving! Informative Campaign.


We asked our community to Get Weaving! and now we got to Keep on Weaving! 

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