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Monica Boța-Moisin

Monica Boța-Moisin is a cultural intellectual property & fashion lawyer, cultural sustainability consultant and the Founder of the Cultural Intellectual Property Initiative®. She is the to-go person for partnerships, keynote speeches, workshops and event moderation.


She focuses extensively on creating a framework for the survival of traditional cultural expressions and building bridges between traditional craftsmanship and the fashion industry. She coined the terms cultural intellectual property rights®, cultural trademark© and designed the first-ever workshop on cultural sustainability in fashion©. 

Monica has extensive experience with Intellectual Property systems in various jurisdictions and offers in-depth legal consulting and support for IP registration and IP management strategy development for textile and fashion stakeholders, Indigenous Peoples and Local Community entrepreneurs. 

Monica acts as cultural mediator between the fashion industry and artisans in promoting luxury craftsmanship as part of the contemporary fashion supply chain.


Mónica Parra Hinojosa is a Mexican designer, communicator and researcher specialized in traditional & Indigenous textiles from Latin America. She is the Coordinator of The 3Cs - Get Weaving! Campaign


With her independent project MadejándoLA, she has traveled to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala and various states within Mexico, meeting artisans and communicating their stories through short films and multimedia narratives. She has collaborated with several textile collectives and organizations around the continent as well as with the National Crafts Endorsement Fund (FONART).


She has a Masters Degree in Visual Design and Communication from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and is currently teaching a class on Cultural Diversity and Misappropriation at the Department of Arts, Design and Architecture from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Puebla.

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Nicole Crouch is a commercial textile print designer and university lecturer of creative thinking and design from Australia.


From working with small businesses to large international brands all over the world she has accumulated a deep comprehension of commercial industry needs and processes. This combined with the experience of learning from and living with traditional textile artisans from India to the Borneo jungle forms a balance of understanding the rhythms of textile creation within various contexts.


Nicole employs a design thinking approach to develop methodologies for best practices that facilitate equal collaborative exchanges between all contributors to textile design. Nicole aims to honour the traditional custodians of many evolving and thriving techniques and aesthetics that are still inspiring and being referenced within the commercial arena and return joy to the process of creation through educating the next generation of innovative thinkers.

Shravani Deshmukh is an Intellectual Property Law professional who likes to regularly take up courses to upgrade her knowledge in the field. She currently works with “Create & Protect IP Partners”, a company she co-founded, and specialises in Technology Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.

One of her primary aims is to create awareness and promote Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions while keeping in mind the changing business strategies. She believes that protecting the intellectual creation of local and Indigenous communities is extremely necessary and needs to be encouraged. She feels that even a small dialogue can make a huge difference and loves to connect with people who are willing to learn. Her creative acumen along with the ability to grab technology concepts gives her the edge in her profession. 


“The Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative (CIPRI) is an outstanding project in Europe. Its founder Monica Moisin shows the importance of law for the social impact of design and art practice across regions and borders. With her innovative approach, strong engagement and attitude she is a key figure in the field of co-creation.

I see her cross-disciplinary knowledge essential for the Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship program, for art and design students and professionals. I recommend co-creators worldwide to get in touch with the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative and gain a new perspective on knowledge transfer between art, design and traditional craftsmanship."