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The Knowledge Hub for Cultural Sustainability 

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What is the Cultural Sustainability Academy?

  • The first Academy Program in the world dedicated exclusively to Cultural Sustainability

  • A unique cross-disciplinary approach that brings in-depth perspectives on Cultural Sustainability across 5 different pillars:

Craftsmanship & Craft Innovation

Design & Technology 

Research & Academia 

Activism & Communication 

Law & Cultural Heritage

How is the Cultural Sustainability Academy happening?

  • Dynamic live sessions facilitated by the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative® Core Team 

  • Practical tools to help you understand and apply Cultural Sustainability principles in your activity

  • Access to unique content and real-time consulting tailored on your individual needs


Are you interested to join our 2022 Cohort?

If you feel the Academy is for you and your team, write us an e-mail and let us know in advance.

We are happy to add you to our CS Academy Mailing list for updates on the 2022 Program. 


"Craftsmanship is about multifaceted value"

In Craftsmanship & Craft Innovation you will learn to decipher the intangible value of the handcrafted product and the meaning it conveys beyond aesthetics. You will expand your knowledge on craft innovation and challenge the misconceptions surrounding it. Using Arjo Klamer's Value-Based Approach you will learn how to attribute monetary value to the intangible value of craft.

"Traditional Knowledge Systems inform innovative Technology and design processes"  

In Design & Technology you will be challenged to translate design processes from designing to consume to designing to heal the earth. Through practical examples of communicating processes through your products and services, you will learn how timelessness, traditional design principles and cultural information inspire decision-making and create purpose. You will train to identify the interconnectedness between Traditional Knowledge and innovative technologies and learn how to use beauty as a force for change.

"Holistic understanding leads to best practice"  

In Research & Academia you will be introduced to various concepts that challenge conventional academic structures to generate a holistic understanding of knowledge. You will be guided to adopt a qualitative approach to understanding how your research, products or services impact the world around you. You will learn how decolonisation and deinstitutionalisation of research methodologies together with immersive experiences generate empathy and support informed decision-making and problem solving.

"Communication and narrative are a result of well designed actions"  

In Activism & Communication you will be inspired to ask questions, challenge assumptions and think about your mission, vision and work processes in a new way. You will learn to lead with actions and transparency and you will be equipped with practical knowledge for aligning your practice and outcomes with your narrative and message. Using supply chain mapping techniques you will discover how designing ethical actions add value to your products and services.

"Rights, tools and important distinctions"  

In Law & Cultural Heritage you will unpack complex legal terminology and understand how different IP tools apply to your work, research or business. You will get familiar with the difference between the UNESCO protection of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and legal protection of ICH in the WIPO sense, and gain practical knowledge on responding to and avoiding cultural misappropriation cases. Through simulated scenarios you will test your negotiation skills and understand the legal implications of collaboration vs. partnership.


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Perks of the Cultural Sustainability Academy 

  • Membership of the CSA Alumni Network 

  • Graduation Certificate with hand-embroidered Cultural Sustainability Seal

HOW TO ENROL IN the Cultural Sustainability Academy?

  • To access the Cultural Sustainability Academy (CSA) and book your Academy sessions on the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative® (CIPRI) Website you are required to sign-up on the Website (see the Log in feature on the upper right corner). This means that you are agreeing to sign up for the CSA and be bound by these terms and conditions