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People, Planet, Culture 

Kuldip Gadhvi, founder of United Artisans of Kutch ©CIPRI

Built on the principles of social cohesion and solidarity, United Artisans of Kutch (UAK) is a unique network of artisans with the mission of enabling self-sustainability for all its members.

UAK was founded in December 2016 at the initiative of Kuldip Gadhvi, cultural ambassador and local guide from Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat. UAK is a collection of personal stories. 

Positive Social impact: The project is linking artisans from all creative backgrounds – block printers, weavers, dyers, embroiderers – one piece is a collection of skill and knowledge, a community project – a collective creation under one identity: United Artisans of Kutch. 

Indhris Khatri and nephew - cross genera
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