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Cultural Intellectual Property Month

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For the 3rd consecutive year

Cultural Intellectual Property Rights are Human Rights’ is the theme for Cultural Intellectual Property Month.

The reason this theme needs a decade of attention is because it challenges mainstream conceptions of ownership, wellbeing and universal knowledge which took centuries to establish dominance.

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Mindshifts are catalysists for systemic-change.

There is no greater force for change.

Our beliefs, perceptions and attitudes develop from our experiences and inform our behaviour and habits.

Being open to shifting our mindset based on our new understandings and values is a personal growth and care approach to changing systems.

Each Monday, from 8th to 29th April, building upon the outcomes of the 2023 Cultural Intellectual Property Month Red Thread Report, we will launch on the Blog an opinion piece and a Big Idea meant to spark critical dialogues and inspire systemic-change.


We train our minds to imagine alternative paradigms to the ones that favour extractivism, egocentrism and dissociation.

Read more about the theme and how to contribute - here

MOnday 8th April 

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Big Idea: "Cultural Sustainability requires legal frameworks that foster a culture of care, self-determination and reciprocity."

Call for Action: "Embrace vocabularies and frameworks that foster care and reciprocity and enable self-determination. Ask Indigenous peoples, ethnic groups and local communities what are the principles that guide their governance systems and practices? Help reflect them in the law. Start with influencing the legal frameworks where you have direct decision-making power: contracts. 

The legal principle of freedom of contract is a powerful tool that allows parties to design their own terms and rules of engagement. We often used this tool, among others, to integrate the 3C RULE CONSENT. CREDIT. COMPENSATION in contracts that benefit Indigenous People, ethnic groups and local communities and affirm custodianship of their Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expressions, biodiversity areas and territories."  

Monica Boța-Moisin

Read the full thread here


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Big Idea: "Cultural Sustainability in fashion requires a rights-based approach for a legally grounded pathway to equity and social justice through creativity."

Call for Action: "Think critically about your position in the world. Educate yourself about Cultural Intellectual Property Rights®Cultural Sustainability and the 3C RULE CONSENT CREDIT COMPENSATION™ to develop an understanding of a rights-based approach to design and the intersection between law, fashion, cultural heritage and biocultural diversity. 

Connect with your local communities to develop authentic relationships without a business agenda and research the story of the land and people on which you live, work and source from. Feel your worldviews, your priorities and purpose shift. Look at your design practice and consumption choices through this transformed lens. Initiate conversations with like minded people to discuss your journey, ideas and challenges for implementing a rights-based approach in your personal and professional life."  

Nicole Crouch

Read the full thread here

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