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Let Dance do the talking

Dance as Traditional Cultural Expression in the African Community

Dance has the ability to take people to a higher state, high above all the hustle and bustle of life, to a state where one loses all sense of time and place.

It is said that before writing was invented, Dance was used as a medium to pass down stories from generation to generation.

A historical background of any form of dance will show how dance was used as a tool to communicate and express the universal concepts of love, kinship, solidarity, friendship and so on. The uniqueness of every dance form in expressing these universal human emotions lay in its cultural rooting.

Culture, in its simplest sense, can be defined as ‘the way of life’ distinctively interpreted and practiced by different communities around the world. This inherent difference in the interpretation of a universal concept helps to create a unique identity for every culture and generates values that distinguishes each culture from the other.