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Artisan Rights at the Ethical Fashion Hackathon

Updated: May 7, 2020

The Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative is delighted to have participated today in the Ethical Fashion Hackathon, an event where over 60 participants from 60 different countries contributed with concrete ideas for resolving pressing challenges faced by the textile and fashion industry today.

The brainstorming was decided across four action areas:

  1. Fashion Weeks

  2. Production and Sales Cycles

  3. Responsibility Standards

  4. Supply Chains

Here is a short insight on some of the topics discussed during the Ethical Fashion Hackathon with relevance for the craft economy and focus on cultural sustainability.

Under the Fashion Weeks theme a topic of discussion was ARTISANAL TOURISM.

There was also input on bringing traditional artisans into the limelight at a global level through the use of technology and virtual exhibitions and agreement on the need to pass the microphone to artisan communities. Hear their voice.