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Cultural Intellectual Property Rights are Human Rights - Cultural IP Month 2023

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

The Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative® (CIPRI) and its international members and allies are inviting you to the second edition of the Cultural Intellectual Property Month, in April 2023 (Cultural IP Month).

Cultural IP Month amplifies international awareness and advocacy of Cultural Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR) of Indigenous People, ethnic groups and local communities.

The theme of Cultural IP Month each year is: Cultural Intellectual Property Rights are Human Rights.

The keyword unique to the 2023 Cultural IP Month is ‘ALLIANCES’.

Cultural IP Month consists of a series of free virtual and face to face events including panel discussions, knowledge drops, meet and greets, virtual tours and live workshops. In addition, on April 26th 2023 we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the foundation of the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative® with an open social event.

The purpose of these events is to generate a space for conversation, be a catalyst for systems-change and to advocate for a new generation of rights that acknowledge Indigenous peoples, ethnic groups and local communities’ self-determination and collective rights to protect their Traditional Knowledge (TK), Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCEs), governance systems and worldviews.

Cultural IP Month honours the creativity, wisdom and innovation of Indigenous People, ethnic groups and local communities and advocates that all knowledge systems should be equally valued.

Cultural IP Month events showcase an international and multidisciplinary display of knowledge and expertise from Intellectual Property lawyers, traditional knowledge custodians, designers, craftspeople, cultural professionals, educators, researchers, social innovators and more, who are committed to crafting a system which respects Cultural Intellectual Property Rights.

The goals of hosting Cultural IP Month are part of a larger strategy to address systemic issues particularly in Intellectual Property law and the fashion and design industries. CIPRI is working towards changing international law which currently provides limited protection for Indigenous People, ethnic groups and local communities and their cultural heritage which does not comply with the equity, dignity, social justice and wellbeing implied by human rights.

We encourage participant engagement from a wide range of professional, personal, cultural and geographical backgrounds. Cultural IP Month is for everyone, from those passionate about cultural sustainability to those who are curious or nervous about starting their journey to learn more about respecting Indigenous people, ethnic groups and local communities in a nourishing, multidisciplinary and dynamic environment.

To learn more about past Cultural IP Month events and keep up to date on future Cultural IP Month events: follow us on Instagram at @culturalintellectualproperty and on Linkedin.

To learn more about hosting a Cultural IP Month event or to share what you would like to see at a Cultural IP Month event: please reach out to us at


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