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The Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative: how did it begin?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

The question I get most often in the past time is: how did the Cultural IP Rights Initiative come into being?

To start answering this question we have to go back to the autumn of 2016 when I was writing my second application for a pre-doctoral research program at Stanford Law School. Having been shortlisted on the waiting list a year before, my hopes were high and my ambition fearless.

I was lucky to have a guardian angel in this process, Mariangela Mihai, an Anthropology and Film PhD Candidate at Cornell University, who was helping me frame my vision and research proposal in a way that would work within the requirements of American universities. This was something totally new for me. Having been formed and trained in the Franco-Romanian academic legal research, fieldwork and empirical studies were far from my reach. But I learned from Mariangela and I pushed myself to fit in.