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A year of Reflection, Recalibrating and Growth

3 years of Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative®

26th April 2021 marks the 3rd year anniversary of the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative® (CIPRI).

For legal practitioners, 26th April is the World Intellectual Property Day. So the choice of the launch date for the platform that advocates for a new generation of rights for artisans and custodians of Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions and mediates relationships between fashion and craftsmanship was intentional - a call for social justice, inclusion and for decolonising the IP system.

Each year marks another stage on our journey of system change and to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary, we are grateful to share these year's milestones with you.

For us at CIPRI, the past 12 months have been a time of Reflection, Recalibrating and Growth.

We strengthened our permanent Team and our legal and cultural sustainability consulting practices, and enlarged our CIPRI Family with four new Members (Akaaro, Amoda, Cho'jac items and Filip+Inna) and a network of 3Cs' Rule Ambassadors.

We have a permanent team leadership spread across four continents: Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. Mónica Parra Hinojosa (Mexico), Nicole Crouch (Australia) and Shravani Deshmukh (India) joined the CIPRI team as regional coordinators and cultural sustainability consultants.

We created and launched The 3Cs' - Get Weaving! Campaign and together with the network of 3Cs' Rule Ambassadors in Latin America and India translated the Campaign in Spanish, Hindi and Marathi. The goal for the next 18 months is to develop translations in more than 12 languages for free dissemination worldwide.

More than 600 students, educators, researchers and entrepreneurs took part in CIPRI workshops, training programs and seminars on Cultural Intellectual Property related topics and Cultural Sustainability in Fashion, and a Law Faculty in the European Union introduced a course on Cultural Intellectual Property Law in its curricula.

We developed the Cultural Sustainability Academy as a knowledge-hub for cultural sustainability and designed a partnership with Generation Peace Indonesia through the #GenerationEducators program for teacher empowerment, to facilitate access to information on the value of Intangible Cultural Heritage and legal tools for protecting TK and TCEs.

We won a prize in the EU Social Innovation Competition: Reimagine Fashion with WhyWeCraft: Cultural Sustainability in Fashion, a project co-designed by Monica Boța-Moisin and Raphael Schreiber under the umbrella of the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative®.

We designed the legal strategy for a landmark project in partnership with CIPRI Member Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre in Laos - "Securing cultural intellectual property rights for the Oma of Laos - Traditional Design Digital Library". The project provides a tool for Indigenous people, ethnic groups and local communities to control and manage their TK and TCEs under the framework of the 3Cs' Rule: Consent. Credit. Compensation©.

We partnered with Fashion Revolution and curated the Webinar Cultural Intellectual Property Rights and the Rights of Nature as part of the Fashion Revolution Week 2021: Rights. Relationships. Revolution.

It has been a 3rd year with a diverse action portfolio, many valuable lessons and the energy to move forward with gratefulness, confidence and focus.

We are grateful to all our Team Members, Volunteers, Partners, Collaborators, Cultural IP Family Members, Cultural Ambassadors, Advisory Board and Endorsers - your trust and support and over 6000 hours of passionate and dedicated work got us where we are today.

With Love,

Monica BM, Nicole, Shravani, Monica P

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