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A year of Reflection, Recalibrating and Growth

3 years of Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative®

26th April 2021 marks the 3rd year anniversary of the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative® (CIPRI).

For legal practitioners, 26th April is the World Intellectual Property Day. So the choice of the launch date for the platform that advocates for a new generation of rights for artisans and custodians of Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions and mediates relationships between fashion and craftsmanship was intentional - a call for social justice, inclusion and for decolonising the IP system.

Each year marks another stage on our journey of system change and to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary, we are grateful to share these year's milestones with you.

For us at CIPRI, the past 12 months have been a time of Reflection, Recalibrating and Growth.

We strengthened our permanent Team and our legal and cultural sustainability consulting practices, and enlarged our CIPRI Family with four new Members (Akaaro, Amoda</