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The (unofficial) verdict: cultural intellectual theft in Marant vs. the Mixe community of Oaxaca

Updated: May 6, 2020

This visual, edited by REMEZCLA, captures both the striking similarity of the design and the contrast of the context in which the garments are worn.

Cases of cultural heritage being misappropriated by the fashion industry are no longer “surprising”.

Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCEs) encompass every form of expression in which tradition could take place: it is passed down over generations and centuries, and it embodies feelings and beliefs of heritage and social identity. Examples of TCEs include rituals, handcrafts, folk dances and textiles, to name but a few.

A major issue when it comes to TCEs is derivate works, which in turn are defined as works whose creative inspiration derives from previous works, whether the last works are protected or not.

In this context, derivative works are inspired by traditional garments and produced by well-kno